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Name:Mr. Bambang Purwoko [Marketing]
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Y!: lupasept Y!: lupasept
Google Talk:  bambang.lps  bambang.lps
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Bambang Purwoko at Jakarta Timur
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Bambang Purwoko at Jakarta Timur
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Address:Jl.Trikora IV No.42 Pasar Rebo
Jakarta Timur 13760, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Aug. 19, 2008
Last Updated:Aug. 24, 2008
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Business Services category

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PT.LPS was established in 2004, Commencing Business on a modest scale, but with a positive attitude toward professionalism. During the formative years, the company invested heavily in people and professionalism through continous training and selective recruitment program. During the past years, the company achieved the technology advantage by successfully with our priority is customoer satisfaction.

Many of our existing customer have enjoyed The After Sales Service Support, However, the intense competition in associate industries have created the demand of a Quality Consistency, and less down time in delivering the customer' s needs. With this in mind, PT.LPS has reinvesting on its people in order to deliver the quality service every time.

Today, PT.LPS has service network throughout the country, with its own department. The Company philosophy of " Satisfaction is Our Priority " .

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